The Sword Golem is a giant composed of hundreds of swords. They are centered apon a single sword which lies were a human heart would be. Quinella plans on making an army of them to fight and conqer the Dark Territory. To make one, she uses the memories that she takes during the Synthesis Ritual and binds each one to a sword, effectively using Armament Full Control Art on each sword. There is only one of them, and it is still a prototype. When Eugeo, Kirito, and Alice try to kill Quinella, she summons it. Kirito and Alice attack it, but they are swept aside like flies. When they are down, Charlotte decides to show her true form, a giant spider whith legs ending in sharp blades. She fights the Sword Golem for a short time, but her legs are cut off and she is killed. When Eugeo uses the knife Cardinal gave her on a door, Cardinal comes through and knocks the Sword Golem over using Sacred Arts. After Eugeo is turned into a sword, he stabs the Sword Golem in the 'heart' , the sword that regulates and controls all the others. When that sword was broken, the Sword Golem falls apart.

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